2017 Debrief

With semesters and school holidays dividing my years in segments, life was more predictable in a sense that my yearly goals consisted of things like "pass this class" "get this grade" or "travel here during this holiday." 2017 is the first time my year and my plans weren't structured around school or graduating, and accordingly so, despite the heartache and hurdles that welcomed me, I'm so glad to say I'm ending the year a different and happier person than when it began. 


The Beginning of The End

After what felt like an eternity of waiting (and an unbelievable amount of patience) , I can finally see the end of my time in my Japan in the horizon... But I'm not as excited as I thought I'd be. I'm around 3 weeks away from starting the beginning of the semester and it was only today I realised I'm actually gonna miss Tokyo, that son of a bitch.


Pros & Cons of Watching a Concert Solo Dolo: Bon Iver @ Singapore

I got this photo from Bandwagon.Asia because my photos sucked, as you can tell from the photo below

Growing up in my tiny Manila bubble, I was rarely alone: outside the house I never went anywhere without someone else, and at home I shared a room with two younger brothers, so rarely was l truly by myself. It was only until I moved to Tokyo I took a bite of my small sliver of independence and never looked back-- I do so many things alone and even sometimes prefer it. It used to be so nerve-wracking and awkward (to me), but now I eat out at restaurants by myself no problem; even the small sushi restaurants where I have to make conversation with the sushi chefs...Yes, I'm a changed woman.

Awhile back, I once scrolled through one of those "x Number Things You Have To Do Before You Die" (honestly I just read only bolded text) and one of them was to see a concert on your own. At the time I didn't think much of it up until a couple months ago when the opportunity arose: Bon Iver was coming to Singapore the same time I was interning and I had no one to go with. I was reluctant at first, but I figured since the venue was a theatre and I was on the second level, it'd be less of manoeuvring my way through the sweaty bodies that make up a mosh pit and more of sitting back and enjoying the show. Little did I know there would be 0 manoeuvring or mosh-pitting because they were actual theatre seats (instead of the plastic bleachers where they suggest you'd sit, but you really just stand up) and instead I was a part of the tamest audience I've ever experienced, which I haven't decided was a good or bad thing yet.


My Lifelong Journey To Being A "Why Aren't You A Model Yet?" Level of Fitness/Hotness: Chapter 1- Being Semi-Fat and Doing Something About It Feels Better Than Just Being Semi-Fat

Disclaimer: Because I haven't gotten into the habit of having blog-ready photos (I have this notion that all the real bloggers just take photos in landscape, ready to be edited on VSCO or Photoshop, or whatever secret editing app they use that make their photos look like screen grabs from a Wes Anderson film), all the photos in this entry will be portraits and pretty shitty quality like the one above. Here at Sabeezknees, we have to make do with what we have.

I was supposed to write this about a week ago but I never found the time (read: I chose to watch binge-watch Youtube videos instead) to gather my thoughts about the subject. But today at work (update: I'm currently interning in Singapore!) curiosity got the best of me when I found a scale under the bathroom sink countertop and I decided to see all the progress I had been preaching about to people as well as in this blog. When I saw the numbers on the scale staring back at me from in between my feet, I felt that there was no better time to write this than today, when I found out that I'm back at the weight I started with when I began my fitness journey.


Letters to Me: Part 2

Coincidentally enough, I found a photo of myself on the very day I wrote the letter!! This was taken in my first period Japanese class, a few hours before the letter existed. 

Letters To Me: Part I

Here it is in all it's cringe-y glory (but I do have to censor some parts out.. some bits for personal reasons, and mostly names: