My Lifelong Journey To Being A "Why Aren't You A Model Yet?" Level of Fitness/Hotness: Chapter 1- Being Semi-Fat and Doing Something About It Feels Better Than Just Being Semi-Fat

Disclaimer: Because I haven't gotten into the habit of having blog-ready photos (I have this notion that all the real bloggers just take photos in landscape, ready to be edited on VSCO or Photoshop, or whatever secret editing app they use that make their photos look like screen grabs from a Wes Anderson film), all the photos in this entry will be portraits and pretty shitty quality like the one above. Here at Sabeezknees, we have to make do with what we have.

I was supposed to write this about a week ago but I never found the time (read: I chose to watch binge-watch Youtube videos instead) to gather my thoughts about the subject. But today at work (update: I'm currently interning in Singapore!) curiosity got the best of me when I found a scale under the bathroom sink countertop and I decided to see all the progress I had been preaching about to people as well as in this blog. When I saw the numbers on the scale staring back at me from in between my feet, I felt that there was no better time to write this than today, when I found out that I'm back at the weight I started with when I began my fitness journey.