The Beginning of The End

After what felt like an eternity of waiting (and an unbelievable amount of patience) , I can finally see the end of my time in my Japan in the horizon... But I'm not as excited as I thought I'd be. I'm around 3 weeks away from starting the beginning of the semester and it was only today I realised I'm actually gonna miss Tokyo, that son of a bitch.


Pros & Cons of Watching a Concert Solo Dolo: Bon Iver @ Singapore

I got this photo from Bandwagon.Asia because my photos sucked, as you can tell from the photo below

Growing up in my tiny Manila bubble, I was rarely alone: outside the house I never went anywhere without someone else, and at home I shared a room with two younger brothers, so rarely was l truly by myself. It was only until I moved to Tokyo I took a bite of my small sliver of independence and never looked back-- I do so many things alone and even sometimes prefer it. It used to be so nerve-wracking and awkward (to me), but now I eat out at restaurants by myself no problem; even the small sushi restaurants where I have to make conversation with the sushi chefs...Yes, I'm a changed woman.

Awhile back, I once scrolled through one of those "x Number Things You Have To Do Before You Die" (honestly I just read only bolded text) and one of them was to see a concert on your own. At the time I didn't think much of it up until a couple months ago when the opportunity arose: Bon Iver was coming to Singapore the same time I was interning and I had no one to go with. I was reluctant at first, but I figured since the venue was a theatre and I was on the second level, it'd be less of manoeuvring my way through the sweaty bodies that make up a mosh pit and more of sitting back and enjoying the show. Little did I know there would be 0 manoeuvring or mosh-pitting because they were actual theatre seats (instead of the plastic bleachers where they suggest you'd sit, but you really just stand up) and instead I was a part of the tamest audience I've ever experienced, which I haven't decided was a good or bad thing yet.