The BLEA Part II

So I've been getting a lot requests lately about how I assemble my sandwich. Lol I'm totally kidding I probably have one reader and that's my boyfriend because IDK for some reason he finds me interesting ...? 

Anyway, here's a pointless post on how I assemble the BLEA because you need to put everything in the right order or bad things will happen like the avocados might slip out of the sandwich and that would be terrible. 


The BEA Sandwich

I don't usually like BLTs because I'm not a big fan of raw T (except in some salsas). So instead I have the BL with some E and A. But when I made some for dinner a couple nights ago, I forgot to buy lettuce so I ended up with a BEA. 


My New Home

I finally caved and moved to Blogger. The more time I spent on Bloglovin' at work, the more frustrated I was that I couldn't link my Tumblr to it. So here I am. I've tried to import all my stuff from Tumblr to Blogspot but it's either not dumb or I'm really that dumb with technology. :( 
I'm manually transferring the posts which is a little tedious but I do like going through my old posts and reminiscing so it isn't too bad. What's really pissing me off right now is figuring out how to make my site look pretty!!! I was promised an easy time changing the layout but I've discovered that it requires a lot of googling for help (or maybe I'm really picky). 

So here's my work in progress ~ 

UPDATE: My blog is officially on Bloglovin!! Yay! I have a lot to do to the layout but all my posts are up!!

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I Heart Butts

My parents are out of town and Jonte was at a sleepover so I thought it would be fun to bake and decorate some heart-shaped sugar cookies with Teets!