Noteworthy Eats

Some food I've been meaning to blog about but didn't know how to bring them up. Eventually, the photos started adding up and now I have enough to make a post about them! 


Long Weekend Highlights

And no, none of it includes working out..... oops. Working out resumes tomorrow!!


Sunday Funday Food

My mom made salmon eggs benedict with avocado and caviar for brunch today and it made me and my belly so so happy. 


Sweetness Overload

I was telling him that I was trying on my swimsuits for my beach trip tomorrow. My boyfriend is so sweet >=( >=( 


All Good Things

I haven't been able to update at all in awhile but a lot of things have been going on in the past 5 months; they were beyond stressful and really pushed me to my limits both emotionally and mentally. 
I'm back in Manila now and I've recently started working as a marketing intern. From my first week of interning I learnt that internships have a lot of downtime; and since it looks bad having Facebook on your computer screen for too long at work, I've been exploring Bloglovin' (kind of related to the company I work for so it doesn't look too bad!) which re-sparked my interest for blogging. Since life lately has really beaten me up and still continues to do so, I decided to list down all the good things that have happened these passed few months. Because even though life can be a real bitch, sometimes you have to remember to count your blessings to keep yourself going. I've been torn up from the inside out, but there is an end to this madness and I want to be able to stick around to see it.