Un Sabor De Chile En La Casa de Eduardo

("A taste of Chile in Casa de Eduardo"... ya, I speak Spanish. HAHA no I don't)

Sebastian has been able to experience a good amount of Filipino culture and food in his couple visits in Manila, while I have never been and don't know so much about Chile. So when I found out that there was Casa de Eduardo, a Chilean restaurant in Tokyo (apparently the only one that exists!), I couldn't wait to try it.


My Date with Becky the She-devil: Renting A Dog @ Yoyogi Park

If you know me you would know that I love dogs. Like watch-puppy-video-compilations-in-my-spare-time level of obsession love.
Last year, I made the trip all the way to Odaiba because I had heard that you could rent a dog there but much my disappointment, they told me stopped offering those services awhile back.
So this year, a friend told me you could rent a dog in Yoyogi Park... and I literally. couldn't. even. I grabbed my friend and hopped on the next train to Yoyogi park (not really) to go rent me some dogs!