Social Anxiety, I'll Shoyu!!*

**Shoyu = soysauce in Japanese yes it was a brilliant pun that I didn't just steal from a post I saw on Yik Yak Japan.


#BBBS2K15: Authentic

After our workout last week, Afnan invited me to try out this burger place called "Authentic" in Akasaka that apparently people have been raving about and in an attempt to escape the midterm madness that awaited me as soon as I got home, I said yes.


Best Burger Search Introduction: My First Burgers

Growing up, I never really liked burgers. Neither of my parents were very keen on them so I never really saw the appeal.
But then two years ago I had a couple burgers that changed my life and now, among many other foods (ie. ceviche), I am on the search for the burger that I can call the best I've ever had in my entire life!


Dada Dinners: Lunch in Maisen

I've been pining over these CDG x Converse sneakers for an ill minute now so a few hours before my dad had to go to the airport, we headed to Omotesando to check out the Comme store to see if they had them. Turns out Japan doesn't sell the sneakers without polka dots which aren't really my thing, so my dad and I went to get some pasalubong for my mom and brothers then headed to lunch at Maisen.

Dada dinners: Kansai-style Sukiyaki

My dad visits Tokyo pretty regularly; supposedly for me but I have a hunch that he just uses me as an excuse to keep coming to the country that he fanboys over!!

I call his visits, "Dada visits" and they can be a great time; I get to sleep in a hotel bed and live closer to school for a couple days, sometimes he brings my brothers along so I get to spend time with them, I get to do some shopping, but most importantly, I get to eat at all the restaurants I couldn't otherwise afford on my college student budget! (and I get to order whatever I want).. Dada dinners.


Matsuris and Dogs Are (Banh) Xeo Fun! (Part II)

I decided to split my post into two parts because I felt like it was too long!

After lunch I headed to Yoyogi park to meet up with my friends and their cute dogs, Kita the Shiba Inu, Ponyo the Toy Poodle, and Peanut the Teacup Yorkie.

Rockabilly dancers in the Yoyogi Park entrance. I did a quick Google search of them and found out they've been performing on the same spot every Sunday for 20 years now.

Matsuris And Dogs Are (Banh) Xeo Fun! (Part I)

It was quite the eventful weekend and a great last couple days before I have to start studying for midterms! Not only did I find out that that my favourite and recently closed Vietnamese restaurant I had grieved over a few days ago has a sister restaurant not too far away from me, I got to pet some dogs at the dog park in Yoyogi!


Current Obsessions: The Awkward Season Between Spring and Summer Edition

Spring sprung many weeks ago and all the cherry blossoms (that I finally got to see this year!!) are long gone. And just like the sakura, my interest for this blog withered away as I settled into this semester. However, unlike sakura, I'm back and I'm ready to try again! And what better way to say "HEy I'm back!" than an update on what my obsessive personality has dedicated its time to this time!!!


Some Late Night Feels

Though being in a long distance relationship can be hard, when you've been doing it for so long it becomes manageable. I realise when I keep myself busy with friends and working on personal goals I don't give myself too much time to think about how far Sebastian is from me and how I don't know when I'll see him in the near future. 

But then times like this will come up, when he's busy at work in the morning and I'm alone in my room at night I remember just how long it's been since I've seen him and how I miss having my boyfriend in human-form as opposed to a bunch of pixels on a screen/a voice in a phone.