#BBBS2K15: Blacows

Ever since I got back from two whole months of eating whatever the hell I wanted in Manila, I've been trying (keyword: TRYING) to watch what I eat. I've been doing pretty well so far, but two weeks into my new (relatively) healthier life, I decided I needed a burger... badly. I had the self-control to wait 'till my planned cheat day to finally give in to my craving. Yay me!

Choosing what burger to eat was easy, I had heard good things about Blacows, and after reading a few blogposts about it, I decided to cash in my burger calories here. One over enthusiastic blog even crowned it "the best burger in the planet" so I entered with high standards. I obviously took that statement with a grain of salt, but it did make me think that it could be a promising contender or maybe even a victor over reigning champion, Kiriy's burger in Seijogakoenmae Station.

So the question remains... was Blacows's avo burger better than Kiriy's?


5 Things People Assume About Living In Tokyo And How They're Wrong

I'm one of the very few in Manila that decided to go to Tokyo for university, so when I come home, people are always curious about what it's like living there. When it comes up, I find myself saying the same thing repeatedly that it's almost routine. They ask me how Tokyo is, I say "fine, ok," they ask if I live in a dorm, I say yes, do I cook at home or do I eat out more, etc etc, then when the question round's over, they say things like, "you must eat sushi all the time!" Don't get me wrong, I'm in no means annoyed by any of this, I like to hear what people think I do in Tokyo based on the photos I share and the stories I tell. And for the record, I actually try to stay away from sushi because they're deceptively light, but are heavy on the kcals (white rice!!).

I've had my fair share of these conversations in the past 3 years, so I've put together the top 5 most repeated assumptions about my life in Tokyo... that I can prove false with my own personal experiences.