Uno Skype Nights

When you can't play Uno in real life you gotta be resourceful




A couple weeks from now, it will have been one year since the start of the semester where  I had most fun I have had in my life. Even though we only got to kick it for about 5 months, these people have become the closest friends I've made. I'm so bummed they were on exchange and they all (literally all of them) had to leave in August, but that Spring semester was so crazy and jam-packed with memories that I still haven't gotten tired of telling everyone who wasn't there (I'm annoying). 
These are some of my favourite people and a peek of what we did in Spring semester 2013! (click through the pic or here for a bigger image. 
Excuse my shitty handwriting I underestimated how difficult it would be to write with a tablet. Also, special mention to the superbed, who can no longer be rebuilt because management changed the couches in the student lounge at the dorm. Great movie nights with this bed. RIP


Knees Pizza

A few days ago my parents ate out to dinner so the boys and I decided to make pizza from scratch! 


"I want to *POUTINE* it in my mouth"

AJ and I have made a list of restaurants that we want to try before I leave for Tokyo and a couple days ago we decided to try out Main Street


Last Day Countdown Through Snapchat


Whenever Sebastian visits I imagine big, invisible countdown timers floating on top of our heads that start as soon as we see each other. Then during the trip I forget about them until the the last couple days of days when the numbers turn red as they get smaller and smaller.



Sebastian surprised me and came to visit a week earlier than he was supposed to which was great! On the first week we kicked it in manila for the most part; went to the gym, had lunch out, went to the mind museum, watched wicked, and bunch of other fun stuff.



This is my little brother Criston (but he likes to be called teets) (side story: he couldn’t pronounce his name so he called himself ‘teeton.’ when Sebastian visited in december, he called teeton ‘teets’ and he has never wanted to be called anything else since then.)