This Week's Eats

After going through all my photos I realised this week was total fatass week but it's so hard when food is so good :( 
SaturdayOkonomiyaki dinner. Izumi and I literally went to 4 okonomiyaki places and they were ALL FULL except the last one. We settled honestly because it wasn't that great 



First Week of School: ✓

I feel like my highlights of the week are always food for the most part, what but can ya do


First Day of School Eats

After second period Japanese class my friend and I walked down the street our school is on to this ramen place that is known for their tomato soup-based ramen. I always get the one with cheese on top and some cheese gyoza on the side.

After, I had another class that ended at 4:45 then I had dinner at Yotsuya with some friends from my dorm. When we got to our station we passed by the Mister Donut right by it and bought some donuts for tomorrow morning then headed home! 

It was a great first day of school and naturally all the photos/highlights were food related because I'm a total fatty:(


Ichiran & Shisha

Yesterday I met up with some friends at a shisha bar in Shibuya but went to Ichiran Ramen  for dinner since I got to there early 


After you go down some stairs this is the first thing you see; you order here then find a seat at these tables:



After an embarrassingly large number of months I finally got my shit together and cleaned my room! It’s still not the cleanest room ever but I’ve been living in my filth for so long that I’m just happy I can get from the door to my bed without having to step over a bunch of shit. 
Tomorrow, I vacuum the room and clean my kitchen cubbyhole!!! #SUPERPRINGCLEANINGEXTRAVAGANZA


Errands and Ramen (and ice cream)

I decided to head to Shinjuku today to buy new headphones (because for some reason I can't go two months without losing them) and a curling iron because I wanted to try changing up my hair! 
I got out of bed at 4:30 (yes, pm, I'm a bum...) and walked to the station so I could take photos of the sakuras. 


My First Day Back in 東京 (through pics of food)

I was gonna put cool filters in each photo but .... i didn't

I always get the 7:55am flight back to Tokyo (not by choice) and I don't eat anything that early in the morning, so I always wait 'till when I land at around late lunch. Right before I leave and after I arrive at Tokyo, I always make it to point to get udon. So the second I got out of customs, I headed to the kiosk in the arrivals area for my standard arrival meal.

とり唐揚げとぶっかけうどん (yes i'm showing off my Japanese, no it's not as great as I try to make it out to be, I'm actually the worst): Fried Chicken and this udon (that's supposed to be cold but the lady today dun goofed and messed up my order :( )

Curry-Movie-Skype-Sleepover Night


My parents went out to dinner a few nights ago so I had left over curry and roti in bed. This time I didn't forget to take pics! This was my set up. 


Conversations with Julia

conversations with julia ♥︎
we get each other.


Cravings Satisfied

This morning I finally got my stitches removed so Teets, my dad, and I went to Tony Roma’s for lunch! Needless to say I got to cross out a few things off my 7 wants list. Yay ribs!

[✓] 3. A Rack of Ribs with Curly Fries Like I said Tony Roma’s didn’t have curly fries but the ribs were OK; definitely satisfied my craving 



My parents had a little argument during dinner and I was texting Sebastian a play-by-play. We’re not allowed to use our phones while we’re at the table so I hid my phone under it and was typing without looking so excuse my typos haha


7 Things I Want Right Now

I was gonna make it 5 but I'm a greedy greedy girl.