My New Year's Resolutions & Other Life Plans!

It is Saturday, January 10 and I finished my goals!! Yay! 
Liz and I got our shit together and went through it together last night; we sidetracked a lot again but we caught ourselves and kept going!

I'm not sure if the font is too small to read but the photo is linked to a bigger version. 
Once we finished 1 year goals it was scary to think about lifetime and 10 year goals. 10 years doesn't seem so very far and I still have a lot of things to do before I get there! 


Current Obsessions & Update on Resolutions

So I'm slacking quite a bit on my resolutions.. It might sound like I'm making excuses not to sort out my life for 2015, but it's because I'm waiting for my friend Liz to do hers simultaneously with me. We tried to do it over Skype the other day but we constantly got sidetracked.. but by really interesting stuff. I swear. I have a lot of groupwork stuff to do (I know I don't shup up about this but they're really stressing me out) on top of preparations for internships I'm trying to get for the Spring; so I plan on doing this on Saturday morning. Mark my words.

But here are some current obsessions of mine because I do obsess over things quite often and this is probably not the last post I'll have about this. 

Sabeezy's Current Obsessions: 

  • This photo (above) I found today of me and Teets a couple years ago in the beach. I super love how tan I am here. It makes me mad that I lost all of it once I got to Tokyo. I still lived in Manila at that point and I was in the softball team so I was already to dark to begin with and I topped it off with more sun tanning at the beach during spring break. I also love this photo because of how chubby and young Teets is!! Look at dat face and dose gap teeth!!!! Adorable puppy baby angel I wish he was that cute and little again!!! 
  • Music: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. It's part of my blue light playlist (playlist I made specifically for when it's blue light out or when I want to be reminded of it) and it's an essential for any mellow playlist!! My favourite line is "Well I've been afraid of changing/ 'Cause I've built my life around you" maybe partly because of how deep it is but mostly because I think it's the funnest part to sing =P I can imagine drunkenly belting that part out with some friends or something.. idk I'm weird and sometimes I imagine scenarios that haven't happened yet or probably never will... But nevertheless, it'll be a fun time when that moment comes. 


Life Update

Hello friend! I'm still alive and (semi) determined to keep this blog going!

A lot's been going since I made the accidental smoothie; I've been working on a bunch of group projects, started going to the gym (finally), went home for the holidays where I met up with my friends who I missed so much and went to my family's beach house where I finally got a much needed tan! 
I flew back to Tokyo on Sunday and now I'm swamped with more work than when I left because I had underestimated the internet capabilities of the middle of nowhere, which is where our beach house is located. 
There's probably too much to catch up on from the last time I posted, especially considering that there was about a month-long interval in between my smoothie post and the post before it. It would take pages and pages of my horrible writing about my life thus far, so instead I'm just gonna not... do..it. BUT I did make a short video about my trip to the beach! Check it