Letters to Me: Part 2

Coincidentally enough, I found a photo of myself on the very day I wrote the letter!! This was taken in my first period Japanese class, a few hours before the letter existed. 

Letters To Me: Part I

Here it is in all it's cringe-y glory (but I do have to censor some parts out.. some bits for personal reasons, and mostly names:



My 5 Pet Peeves While Hanging Out

I'd like to think I've got a fairly high tolerance for people. It takes a lot for me to get mad at someone, and even when I do get mad I usually just don't talk to them until I cool off. It's mostly because I think that the situation doesn't call for anything so drastic, but honestly it's also partly because I'm non-confrontational by nature. Nevertheless, there are many things that still irk me enough to make me put it in a list and blog about it.


Questions About First Love, From A Girl Whose Love is Her First: A Semi-Rant with Legitimate Questions

I always appreciate advice and the people that are willing to talk to me about my relationship. It means they care, and I'm always grateful for those friends. But I usually try not to talk about my relationship a lot or at all-- at least to the point where people start giving me unsolicited advice. While there a handful of people I do trust and talk to about anything and everything, I've had people that I thought I could count on just outright belittling my relationship; sometimes unintentionally, sometimes with malice. I learnt that when some people know that my relationship is my first, they suddenly become relationship experts because they've been in more than I have. But what do I know, maybe they do know what they're talking about, so I've got some questions for you love gurus. (Disclaimer: this post contains a high level of passive aggressiveness)