#BBBS2K15: Authentic

After our workout last week, Afnan invited me to try out this burger place called "Authentic" in Akasaka that apparently people have been raving about and in an attempt to escape the midterm madness that awaited me as soon as I got home, I said yes.

I should have taken a photo of the interiors as well and more photos in general but I'm new to this blogging thing so... This is the photo of the sign outside. Afnan's the shady dark figure on the right lol

In Japan, burger joints usually have these pockets to make your burger-eating experience more convenient and less messy. It's apparently for scrubs because I have some friends that don't need the pockets and make less of a mess than I do.

Afnan ordered a cheeseburger with extra cheese

Obviously, this was mine. 

Buns: Straight off the bat, I already have something to say about the buns. Though they were charred just the way I like it, they were a little too sweet for me.

Meat: Pretty much on par with Kiriy's.

Sauce: I liked the sauce a lot! I've never had In-N-Out, but I imagine it would taste like this.

Avocado: Yes!! +0.5 for the avo!!

Fries: The fries were pretty disappointing IMO. They weren't bad or anything, but they tasted like any kind of generic plate of fries you could get anywhere. I kind of wanted a little more pizazz~
But they still had that addicting aspect that fries usually have where you eat one and you can't stop eating them.

Would I eat again?: Probably not in the near future since I've got Kiriy's waiting for me soon.
I also don't eat burgers regularly enough to be able to risk eating so many calories on a burger I don't absolutely love, so honestly I think my #BBBS2K15 will at first consist of burgers I've eaten before, until I'm back in Manila where I've heard good stuff about Sweet Ecstasy's burger..

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆ The buns and fries really took a toll on my burger-eating experience. But other than that, Authentic was OK! Wow, how much of a tool do I sound like right now??

Info about Authentic

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