My Date with Becky the She-devil: Renting A Dog @ Yoyogi Park

If you know me you would know that I love dogs. Like watch-puppy-video-compilations-in-my-spare-time level of obsession love.
Last year, I made the trip all the way to Odaiba because I had heard that you could rent a dog there but much my disappointment, they told me stopped offering those services awhile back.
So this year, a friend told me you could rent a dog in Yoyogi Park... and I literally. couldn't. even. I grabbed my friend and hopped on the next train to Yoyogi park (not really) to go rent me some dogs!

I got out of Yoyogikoen station and it was about a five-minute walk from there. 

It's on the second floor
We went around an hour before closing so I opened the door to the staff just chilling with all the pups. I don't think any of them spoke English so they kind of just looked up at me and continued to play with the dogs while waiting for their boss to deal with the gaijin.
At the time I didn't know what was happening so my friend and I just kind of stood there until someone acknowledged our existence... We did ask what was happening but they just told us to wait. -2 points for service, Dog Heart :\

 These are the dogs they had!

So after about 10 minutes of standing around the manager comes out from one of the doors and asked us if we wanted to play with the dogs inside or take one for a walk. We chose the latter. 
Then, he asked us to choose from the dogs that were out playing in the pen; I really wanted to the golden named Rika-chan but she was MIA, so I chose the pup that was already begging to go out... Becky-chan. 

The manager gave me and my friend a little bag with a small pack of tissues, a little tin can with a lid, a waterbottle, and 3 poo bags. As he was packing the poo bags I wondered why he thought we needed so many for just an hour; well it turns out little Becky-chan was a shitting machine and three bags was NOT enough for our walk. Unfortunately, we found that out mid-walk when Becky was on her third shit of the hour. We still had a half hour with this monster.

^ This photo pretty much captures my walk with Becky. I barely got to pet and love her... 

I had to pick up her poop, wash the road down with the water bottle, and throw the bag into the tin can. The manager asked us to give back the bags of shit. I didn't ask why. 

Becky taking a break from being a monster.

A photo I took in Yoyogi Park of some high school kids just kickin' it after school. 

And that was my hour with Becky! It was definitely an experience and did make me realise that owning dog is definitely more than just petting and loving. It requires a lot of effort and patience... and a lot of cleaning up.  
All in all, I do recommend renting out a dog for an hour to see if you can handle a naughty dog like Becky, because who knows, your next dog might be like her!

Here are some quick TL;DR tips if you want to rent out Becky or the rest of her pals :) 

  • Price: I actually forgot; I think it was 3,000 for an hour-long walk and maybe half of that to play with them. 
  • Sabeezy tip: Becky was a handful. Also, don't wear a tube dress because it becomes significantly harder to bend down and clean up after the dog.   
  • Good for: Anyone who doesn't mind constantly picking up dog shit
  • Plus points: A taste of what it's like to own a dog! 
  • Minus points: the -2 I gave the teeny bopper staff for ignoring us 
- Sabeezy 

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