#BBBS2K15: Blacows

Ever since I got back from two whole months of eating whatever the hell I wanted in Manila, I've been trying (keyword: TRYING) to watch what I eat. I've been doing pretty well so far, but two weeks into my new (relatively) healthier life, I decided I needed a burger... badly. I had the self-control to wait 'till my planned cheat day to finally give in to my craving. Yay me!

Choosing what burger to eat was easy, I had heard good things about Blacows, and after reading a few blogposts about it, I decided to cash in my burger calories here. One over enthusiastic blog even crowned it "the best burger in the planet" so I entered with high standards. I obviously took that statement with a grain of salt, but it did make me think that it could be a promising contender or maybe even a victor over reigning champion, Kiriy's burger in Seijogakoenmae Station.

So the question remains... was Blacows's avo burger better than Kiriy's?

First, let's go through the #BBBS2K15 breakdown:

I ordered an avocado cheeseburger, which came with their own tartar sauce, chopped onions, some sort of BBQ sauce, and a side of potato wedges and a pickle. Blacow boasts their hand-carved, hand-ground, 100% Japanese wagyu beef. And their bread is apparently supplied by Maison Kaiser, which gave me high hopes on the bread, a common downfall for the many burgers I've tried that weren't Kiriy's.

It was relatively empty when I went, probably because it was an hour before closing time. This was a good thing for me because I had come straight from the gym, so I was famished.

Buns: The buns were second to Kiriy's. They were soft and didn't get too soggy from the sauce

Meat: I'm not sure if it's because I scarfed it down in like 5 minutes, but I don't remember it being exceptional. It was a good patty, but I feel like I've had better wagyu patties. It might have been just my particular burger, but the patty was a tad bit dry (sorry I sound like a prick)

Sauce: I wasn't too keen on the BBQ sauce, but it also didn't ruin my Blacows burger experience

Avocado: For a Japanese burger joint, Blacows wasn't generous with the avocado. No points for Blacows for cheaping out on the avo

Fries: Decent, but for a burger I feel like wedges are little too heavy for a burger

So.. was it better than a Kiriy's avo burger?

I swear, from all research I had done beforehand, I was so ready to say, "I have finally found a burger better than Kiriy's." I was gonna Snapchat it, Instagram it, Facebook it-- I was ready to preach, just like I do with Kiriy's burger. But I guess that moment is going to have to wait.

However, I wouldn't go as far as saying that the whole week-long build up was for nothing, because the burger was still delicious. I also feel like I've hyped up Kiriy's so much that when I come back it's not gonna be as good as I remembered it to be. So I guess this means I'm due for another visit soon to Seijo to find out if my hype adds up!

Would I eat again?: I would definitely give Blacows another chance, especially because I was so hungry when I got there I basically breathed it in and didn't give myself time to savour the flavours and all that jazz.

So, overall rating: ★★★★☆ This is my temporary rating until I come back and try it again! (Which might be not so soon because #healthylife)

The aftermath. I used a burger pocket because I'm a scrub, but I was somehow making a bigger mess than I should be with a pocket so I took my burger out. Then when the burger was small enough I decided to be a super scrub and took the top off and cut the rest with a fork and knife. 


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