Letters To Me: Part I

Here it is in all it's cringe-y glory (but I do have to censor some parts out.. some bits for personal reasons, and mostly names:

Dear 2016 Sabina, 
Well, I'm just gonna go straight to it and say I hope all the jillianing1 I've been doing has finally paid off and you're fucking hot as balls. If you're not, then take this as initiative to start your #healthy life AHORA, YOU STUPID BETCH IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE GO LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT PUNYETA 
Moving on...  
Right now, (you're probably wondering2)I am wearing an H&M leather jacket, green Topshop hoodie, and and H&M navy blue long-sleeved shirt. Agh, I wish I could take a photo of my current bracelets but unfortunately, I'm in English class. I own a BMO iPhone case (which is probably obsolete right now 3) and I had からあげ うどん for lunch in Caf 11 with ***and Kana, then later with ***and Dean. Yesterday, your 2013 self studied with **** and ***** @ the libes for the Culture & Identity final. I only mentioned this because I am transitioning to what you're also probably wondering about, which are my current problems/worries/& such. (side note: I hope my writing style isn't cringe-worthy) entonces5:
1. Todavia, I am still wondering where my relationship with "PK" is. **** 
2. Whether or not I will have a boyfriend in the (hopefully) near future. 
3. Losing weight, having a bikini-ready body for the next boy :D omg ew. 
And other things that I can't explain because apparently if I finish this shit quick enough I can leave class temprano! Pero I'll put effort naman into this... Oh yeah, my hair is shaved *small drawing of a smiley with a half shaved head* Ok I'll make a list of all the things I've expected you to have done by this day: 
1. Had a boyfriend punyeta I am so frustrated  
2. Be hot (hot bod and whatevs) 
3. Fluent in Japanese and Spanish (or really, really good) AND TAGALOG 
4. **** 
5. Have continued to draw and paint 
6.  Have had at least 1 or 2 Valentine's Day in where YOU ACTUALLY HAD A FUCKING VALENTINE 
7. New Year's Kiss (Sorry, your 2013 self is currently lonely *******) 
8. ****** 
9. Happy7
10. Have read more (books) 
I can't think of anything else 'cause I'm lazy and everyone's started to finish their letters and yeah, clearly all you have in your mind in 2013 is boys. So... sorry.

Sabina 2013

P.S. I wonder if ***** is still hot. Check on that. ****? Ditto on ****. 

 Jillianing= At the time I was trying out the Jillian Michaels 30 day challenge, which I eventually stopped doing after day 23

  This is actually not the first time my past self has written to my future self, and I always wonder what clothes I was wearing at that moment

 It is!!!!

 This person turned out not to be a friend at all and is now dead to me

 I was in this weird phase where I tried to integrate Spanish and Tagalog into my English to make it seem like I was international~~~~ But I was actually just a poser and definitely at the level of cringe-worthy that I feared to be

 Little did I know, I'd meet him in a few months time!

 7Happy to me at this time meant to have a boyfriend and not be lonely

This post has gotten to long so in Part 2, I'm writing back to my 2013 self!

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