"I want to *POUTINE* it in my mouth"

AJ and I have made a list of restaurants that we want to try before I leave for Tokyo and a couple days ago we decided to try out Main Street

We were supposed to get our nails did (insert 3 pink nails emoji here, you kno the one) an hour before dinner but to our disappointment the nails place was full. :( So then we decided to kill a little time and hit up Jamba Juice for a smoothie, Bar Dolci for macarons--#healthylife--then High Street to mallrat a little bit. Eventually at 6 (we met up really early) we ran out of things to do and decided to have an insanely early dinner.

From the moment I met up with AJ 'till we got to the restaurant I was telling her how excited I was about trying the poutine from Main Street. (side note: she made the pun I used for this post's title). I'm no food critic so I'm not about to go into detail about the food we ate; but I do want to say that the poutine was K. What I did love though was the Wagyu Burger; it was great!(Sorry I don't have a way with words when it comes to describing food or anything for that matter ☹)

Anyway, great day, great food, great company. I've been stuck at home because I just got one of my wisdom teeth pulled out, but I can't wait to hit up the next restaurant on our list because my belleh is hungreh~

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