Last Day Countdown Through Snapchat


Whenever Sebastian visits I imagine big, invisible countdown timers floating on top of our heads that start as soon as we see each other. Then during the trip I forget about them until the the last couple days of days when the numbers turn red as they get smaller and smaller.

 I wanted to see if i could somehow depict that so I tried it out on my snapchat story and even though it's way different than how I imagined it to be, it'll do. I wasn't gonna add music to it so it was like looking at my snapchat story but I thought it'd be boring without it. 
In the beginning I put that little countdown under the clock but I didn't like reminding myself of the little time we had left so I stopped writing it down at one point. Also in hindsight I should have made everything videos so everything was consistent but I didn't know I was gonna put it all together in a video. 

The countdown started in the morning of March 15 when we were in Palawan and ended at 8:30am the next day, March 16, the time he was supposed to leave and go through customs to make his 9:45 flight. During those 24 hours we had breakfast and lunch at the resort then left for Manila around 2:30. We waited at the Busuanga airport for what felt like forever because they kept delaying the flight, so we got to Manila in time for a late dinner then a movie (side note: Need For Speed was great go Jesse Pinkman love u). After that we got home, ate m&m's and cookie dough ice cream (two different flavours, two separate pints. #healthylife amirite), watched him pack (☹), had some Trix (my fave cereal ever) at 6am, then just stayed up until he had to leave for the airport.  It was a fun last day but I was obviously a train wreck when he left haha.

Moral of the story is last days suck I 100% do not recommend :( 

Miss ya Gooby ♡


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