Cravings Satisfied

This morning I finally got my stitches removed so Teets, my dad, and I went to Tony Roma’s for lunch! Needless to say I got to cross out a few things off my 7 wants list. Yay ribs!

[✓] 3. A Rack of Ribs with Curly Fries Like I said Tony Roma’s didn’t have curly fries but the ribs were OK; definitely satisfied my craving 

↑ (They weren’t even the best in manila so I highly doubt this) #hater

[✓] 4. Chocolate Chip cookie skillet w/ ice cream Breathed this in in a second
1.) Two nights ago, my family had dinner at a Japanese restaurant and I had some pretty good toro sashimi (fatty tuna) which was obviously not chirashi sushi, but it did curb my craving for it a little bit for whatever reason. It wasn’t exactly a checkmark but I thought it was worthy mention because look 

it’s perfection
so maybe an asterisk for now until I get the real deal 
[*] 2. Chirashi Sushi  
2.) Another worthy mention: My mom made chicken curry last night and it was so great 

Here’s a pic of the condiments. No, I didn’t get to take a pic of the actual chicken curry itself because I totally forgot :( But hey! Condiments! They were great too
3.) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: yesterday, I did like I promised myself I would do and 

 [✓] 5. Wild Flour's Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato soup & Caesar salad Cheesus Christ #amirite 8-) i’ll stop now
Productive couple days food-wise if you ask me.

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