Errands and Ramen (and ice cream)

I decided to head to Shinjuku today to buy new headphones (because for some reason I can't go two months without losing them) and a curling iron because I wanted to try changing up my hair! 
I got out of bed at 4:30 (yes, pm, I'm a bum...) and walked to the station so I could take photos of the sakuras. 

Before I went to Tokyu Hands (department store) to buy the headphones and curling iron, I stopped by this little ramen shop in Kabukicho (red light district but there are a bunch of really good restaurants there). When I was in Tokyo on vacation back in high school I thought it was a hole-in-the-wall ramen shop but now that I know how to read katakana and have explored Shinjuku a lot more, I found out it was a actually franchise D: The ramen is still super solid though 

Tonkotsu Ramen 
I found out the building Tokyu Hands is in has a gelato shop on the 12th floor so I hit that up first before I went to buy my stuff haha :P 

It wasn’t anything special but I LOVE ICE CREAM D:
Side note: Yes that’s a moon on my thumb nail check out my nails I got these really cute stickers from a store in Shinjuku station!!! 

They look super shitty because the stickers were really delicate and whenever I tried to peel the excess some of the ones on the nail would get caught too :( It's a pack of 64 so I can try again once these wear off a little 
Anyway so I got both the headphones and the curling iron but didn't bother taking photos of those because eh who needs to see them they aren't anything special 
Update: I just tried using the curling iron and I realised it's harder than it looks and I'm really bad at curling my hair :(((((( fail 

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