My First Day Back in 東京 (through pics of food)

I was gonna put cool filters in each photo but .... i didn't

I always get the 7:55am flight back to Tokyo (not by choice) and I don't eat anything that early in the morning, so I always wait 'till when I land at around late lunch. Right before I leave and after I arrive at Tokyo, I always make it to point to get udon. So the second I got out of customs, I headed to the kiosk in the arrivals area for my standard arrival meal.

とり唐揚げとぶっかけうどん (yes i'm showing off my Japanese, no it's not as great as I try to make it out to be, I'm actually the worst): Fried Chicken and this udon (that's supposed to be cold but the lady today dun goofed and messed up my order :( )

Bus from Narita to Shinjuku Station → Train from Shinjuku to my Seijogakoenmae → Cab (I was too lazy to lug my maletas into the bus) from the station to my dorm 
I was welcomed back with 2 months of unpaid bill notices and warnings to kick me out of the dorm/cut my electricity/cancel my internet plan/etc which was great but what was even greater was my electricity still worked and so does my internet! =) 
Then I ate a red velvet cupcake I brought from home (because I don't think the red velvet craze hit Tokyo so there's nothing red velvet flavoured here) and headed back to Shinjuku to meet up with my friend Izumi for dinner. 

Ya I know my utensils are so #basic :( 

Shinjuku station is one of the largest (or if not the largest (??) station in the world) and it has a few department stores integrated into it with a bunch of shops and restaurants. Izumi and I just roamed around a bit and found this place which I think served Japanese fusion-y food. (Sorry for the shitty desc and photos I'm terrible with words and I didn't know how to take pics with dim lighting and I hate food photos with flash) 

Chicken Salad 

アボカドとマグロ明太子丼 Raw Tuna with Avocado and Spicy Fish Roe Sauce on Rice (I totally guessed the Japanese translation) 
It sounds gross but it was so good and I LOVE mentaiko (spicy fish roe) 

This was supposed to be a lava cake but it was served cold so it wasn't good; it was cold and hard all throughout. 


We had the choice to take our shoes off and sit on these tables but we were too lazy so we sat at the bar haha (You can see me taking a pic in the reflection :p) 

We walked around Shinjuku for a bit after so I got to my station at around 10, which is when the buses stop working. I was forced to walk back home which I thought was gonna be a burden but it turned out to be really nice because of the cherry blossoms =) 

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