First Week of School: ✓

I feel like my highlights of the week are always food for the most part, what but can ya do

I made a pretty good sandwich for dinner one night; it had lots of avocado, mozzarella, ham, and an egg. I cut it and saved the other half for when I walked and ate breakfast to the station

I had a kanji quiz, scored a 7/10 (one of my highest scores on my quizzes this week :((( I'm not having the easiest time adjusting to Japanese 3 :( ) and found this note at the side. (Noguchi is my professor) I was nervous the whole class but when I walked up to Noguchi Sensei he told me it was because he couldn't read my name. Oops 

After that class I went to this restaurant in this hotel right next to my university with a couple of friends. We all ended up ordering the same thing which happens quite often with me and the people I eat with.

There was this one night where I was too lazy (and had nothing) to cook so I went to the Denny's with a friend right by our dorm. I heard the Denny's in the US is pretty bad but the ones in Japan have really good food. We sat there for 3 hours talking about everything and anything it was so great I love meals like those :) 

Walked home from my station one day during blue light and it was so pretty and a photo doesn't do it justice but I needed to take a pic!!

On Friday night I was too lazy (surprise surprise) to walk to Denny's so I gathered whatever I had left in the fridge and made some fried rice and it wasn't too bad! 

Wow this post made me sound like a total bum which I am but next week I must shape up!!! I'm feelin a lil chubs but Summer's coming and I need my bod to be bikini-ready!

Also, check out this super cute pic I saw on buzzfeed. Despite the hate BF gets, I'm a fan 

It's the cutest thing I've ever seen I'm in love

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