All Good Things

I haven't been able to update at all in awhile but a lot of things have been going on in the past 5 months; they were beyond stressful and really pushed me to my limits both emotionally and mentally. 
I'm back in Manila now and I've recently started working as a marketing intern. From my first week of interning I learnt that internships have a lot of downtime; and since it looks bad having Facebook on your computer screen for too long at work, I've been exploring Bloglovin' (kind of related to the company I work for so it doesn't look too bad!) which re-sparked my interest for blogging. Since life lately has really beaten me up and still continues to do so, I decided to list down all the good things that have happened these passed few months. Because even though life can be a real bitch, sometimes you have to remember to count your blessings to keep yourself going. I've been torn up from the inside out, but there is an end to this madness and I want to be able to stick around to see it. 

- In the middle of the semester, my family and I took a trip to Karuizawa, a couple hours from Tokyo. I wasn't looking forward to it at first, but we stayed at a beautiful hotel, Hoshinoya Karuizawa. Outside the hotel there were a couple of food trucks parked at a grassy area that connected the hotel bar to the main lobby. This is me and my brother outside eating waffles from the waffle food truck. 

- On the Sunday before finals week, Nora, Kenny, and I walked to the park near our dorm and watch the clouds at night; you can't see the stars in Tokyo but the moon was full so we could see the clouds. We were there for about 3 hours talking about stupid stuff like what house from Harry Potter I should be in. 

- I finally got around to going to the Avocado cafe I've been meaning to try for awhile now and I was in heaven. I went two Fridays before I left Tokyo, then the next Friday, the day I was supposed to leave. I finished my last final, had an avocado lunch, then left to go to the airport. 

- One day while walking home from the station, I saw a dog tied up in front of Daiso. I'm always reluctant to pet stranger's dogs because I'm scared the owner might get mad at me, but on this day I took a chance and petted this cutie and it was the best decision I made all week. From that day on, I decided I wanted my next dog to be a dalmatian. However I LOVE Italian Greyhounds so I'm torn between the two breeds.. but porque no los dos, amirite??? (two dogs, not one dog two breeds. but now that I think about it a dalmatian-italian greyhound sounds pretty cute)

- August 1 marked one year since Sebastian and I started long-distance. It's a big anniversary, especially what we had to go through! I miss you everyday, Gooby and I can't wait to see you again. 

- Sebastian sent me a mason jar made out of glass but it had broken on its way to Japan; so on the second attempt, he sent me a replacement one AND a plastic one just in case the glass one broke again. Now I use the replacement one whenever I go to Starbucks. This was the first time I used it and I was so excited my heart was beating quickly. I brought it to the Starbucks near the place I intern and the barista said it was a nice cup asked me where I got it. On the same day, I was signing in at work, and the guard told me it was a cool jar and he liked it a lot and it made me so happy =D

- Before I left Tokyo, I bought a bike with my own work money! I bought it from a girl from my dorm. It was a much needed investment; in fact, I wish I had bought it earlier because the 20 minute walk to the station can be gruelling in the summer heat. I'm so excited to use it when I get back!!!

- I bought some avocados in Manila by myself for the first time and I didn't realise how cheap they were! They were so. so. cheap. AND they are a lot bigger than the ones I get in Japan! I'm gonna buy more in the upcoming week and have guacamole EVERYDAY~ I actually should take advantage of all the cheap fruit I can get here because once I get to Tokyo, the choices are limited and are more expensive...

- It's summer break again! That means I get to see all my high school friends! I only get to see them once a year at this time so I'm always so excited to kick it with them! 
Today, I've been lounging around the house since I woke up. It's 5:20 and I'm still in my big sleeping shirt! I feel like a sack of lard but it's nice to laze around after a busy week. Tomorrow, I plan to start my #healthylife because I really do have to shape up!!!!

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