Sebastian surprised me and came to visit a week earlier than he was supposed to which was great! On the first week we kicked it in manila for the most part; went to the gym, had lunch out, went to the mind museum, watched wicked, and bunch of other fun stuff.
On the second week we flew to Oslob, Cebu for a couple days to swim with some whale sharks, then to palawan where we beach bummed for six days five days (we woke up early (which is rare) to do a whole day island tour.) what a day in palawan was like for us:

 Breakfast→Tan→Swim→Lunch→Nap→Wake up for sunset & blue light→Dinner→Sleep at  11pm

On the one day we actually did things we went to Kayangan lake, Barracuda lake, and Maquinit hot springs. 
These are some pics I took with the SLR I got in high school when I was another teenybopper with a cool big cam that made real shutter sounds. i used it for a couple months before I gave up but recently decided to pick it up and try again. Go me! The first five photos were taken in Cebu then the rest in Palawan.

   ↑  (I looking back at good times so I try to document memories. Here's my planner for the first              week) 

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