My New Year's Resolutions & Other Life Plans!

It is Saturday, January 10 and I finished my goals!! Yay! 
Liz and I got our shit together and went through it together last night; we sidetracked a lot again but we caught ourselves and kept going!

I'm not sure if the font is too small to read but the photo is linked to a bigger version. 
Once we finished 1 year goals it was scary to think about lifetime and 10 year goals. 10 years doesn't seem so very far and I still have a lot of things to do before I get there! 
These are some goals that I'm excited to accomplish:

Spring '13

Spring '14

1 Year goal: MAKE NEW FRIENDS LOSER (ideally ones that won't leave you) 

For some reason I always get along with the Spring exchange students at my dorm. They're super fun and we get pretty close, the only problem is they leave at the end of the semester! One of the hardest goodbyes ever was the one in Spring '13 when I had to say goodbye to my first set of exchange student friends :( I miss them all the time. 

1 year goal: Have at least two potluck parties of your dreams!!!

Hopefully by accomplishing the one above, I get to do this one. I have been wanting to have a potluck party with friends for the longest time, but no friends to do it with #loser :( 
Last semester I had to say goodbye to even more exchange student friends and decided this semester that it was enough and I should maybe take time off goodbyes for awhile. Goodbyes make me ugly cry. Because of this, now I have no one to have potlucks with :( One particular potluck party I want to have is a takoyaki party! I grabbed this image from Google because... I've never been to a takoyaki party.... #doubleloser But I might sign up to be an RA for my dorm next semester, which means new people in the dorm are forced to meet me! Hopefully that means multiple potlucks! 

90 Day Action Plan: Finish self portrait & start Gabriel's painting

I started my first ever self portrait in December and stopped a couple weeks into it. I want to be able to finish this so I can start on my next project, which is one that my friend asked me to do of him. I'm kinda nervous about that one because I don't know how to paint for people, I've only really painted for myself. 

1 year goal: Have a bigger, rounder ass that is Instagrammable (but not actually Instagram it!)

I follow a couple squat-inspo instagram accounts because I love butts so much. I'd like to think my butt is sizeable but I want MOAR!!!! Above are some pegs that I found on Google just now. I don't have any specific pegs saved 'cause really all the butts under "Instagram squat butt" (which is what I googled) are nice butts that I want. Like my goal says, I want my butt to be as instagrammable as the ones above, but not actually Instagram it because I'm shy and I don't think my friends and relatives would appreciate my butt on their feeds. 

So those are some things I'm looking forward to in the coming year. I feel so accomplished and a lot better now that I have everything written down. Open poll question to my non-existent readers... What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions????

K bye 

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