Current Obsessions & Update on Resolutions

So I'm slacking quite a bit on my resolutions.. It might sound like I'm making excuses not to sort out my life for 2015, but it's because I'm waiting for my friend Liz to do hers simultaneously with me. We tried to do it over Skype the other day but we constantly got sidetracked.. but by really interesting stuff. I swear. I have a lot of groupwork stuff to do (I know I don't shup up about this but they're really stressing me out) on top of preparations for internships I'm trying to get for the Spring; so I plan on doing this on Saturday morning. Mark my words.

But here are some current obsessions of mine because I do obsess over things quite often and this is probably not the last post I'll have about this. 

Sabeezy's Current Obsessions: 

  • This photo (above) I found today of me and Teets a couple years ago in the beach. I super love how tan I am here. It makes me mad that I lost all of it once I got to Tokyo. I still lived in Manila at that point and I was in the softball team so I was already to dark to begin with and I topped it off with more sun tanning at the beach during spring break. I also love this photo because of how chubby and young Teets is!! Look at dat face and dose gap teeth!!!! Adorable puppy baby angel I wish he was that cute and little again!!! 
  • Music: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. It's part of my blue light playlist (playlist I made specifically for when it's blue light out or when I want to be reminded of it) and it's an essential for any mellow playlist!! My favourite line is "Well I've been afraid of changing/ 'Cause I've built my life around you" maybe partly because of how deep it is but mostly because I think it's the funnest part to sing =P I can imagine drunkenly belting that part out with some friends or something.. idk I'm weird and sometimes I imagine scenarios that haven't happened yet or probably never will... But nevertheless, it'll be a fun time when that moment comes. 
  • Word: fam. I've been using so often and I don't even think I've been using it in the right context. I searched Urban Dictionary and most definitions didn't make sense with how I've been using it except this. I think I saw fam a few times either on Instagram or Reddit and I tried it out a couple times. Does anyone know the exactly definition of this/its origins? Curious.
  • Food: I bumped into this girl who lives on the same floor as me the other night while we were in the kitchen cooking our own dinners. We talked a little about our holiday breaks and then somehow the conversation ended with me giving her a couple blocks of cheese and her giving me a bag food of yummy dutch chocolates! The ones in the packet are like mini stroopwafels (YUM) and the chocolate pellets are mini chocolate covered gingerbread cookies. They are so delicious and I'm rationing them out so I don't eat them in one sitting.
  • Video: Literally everything that Julien Solomita (Jenna Marbles's boyfriend) posts on his youtube. I feel almost ashamed that I had to reference him as Jenna Marbles' boyfriend because he should be his own person and his blogs are so great I don't know how he doesn't have more subscribers. For some reason I like to get heavily invested on strangers' lives and live vicariously through them. Julien and Jenna (who I lovingly call "J&J" *) are such a great pair of people and I love watching them be cute and couple-y on their day to day lives. I'm so invested in their lives that I laugh at their inside jokes.. This could possibly be seen as pathetic but yolo I guess? Also let's not forget the DOGS they're so adorable and the whole reason why I started watching Julien's vlogs; the dogs got more airtime there haha. PLUS Italian Greyhounds are my favourite dog breed of all time and I hope to be best friends with one in the future. Ok this is my last remark about the vlog because I could honestly go on...

    ** Whenever I talk about them to Sebastian or AJ. They're the only ones willing to listen; Sebastian because he's nice and he's willing to listen to my incessant rambling about things he knows nothing about and AJ because we watch the same shit on Youtube
  • Random shit that only a Sabeezy would get into: Birthing videos. I don't even know how to explain myself, I was curious to see what a birth was like without closing my eyes. The last time I watched a birth video was in middle school and I was being all dramatic and covering my eyes with my hands because it was the cool thing to do when in reality I was actually interested to see how it works. This time I still ended up semi-covering my eyes because I was just shocked at how wide a vagina stretches out when giving birth. Then I just started clicking on the related videos on the side and watched animal live births and this went on for a couple hours. Related videos still pop up on my Youtube homepage from time to time and I still do click on the interesting ones then go on a Live birth video frenzy. I'm not gonna put a photo of that up... 
And those are my current obsessions! Keep staying tuned for my resolutions on Saturday!! Give someone cheese today, 'cause you never know, you might get really yummy Dutch chocolates in return! (or something equivalent) 

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