Current Obsessions: The Awkward Season Between Spring and Summer Edition

Spring sprung many weeks ago and all the cherry blossoms (that I finally got to see this year!!) are long gone. And just like the sakura, my interest for this blog withered away as I settled into this semester. However, unlike sakura, I'm back and I'm ready to try again! And what better way to say "HEy I'm back!" than an update on what my obsessive personality has dedicated its time to this time!!!

Sabeezy's Current Obsessions: 

  • Photo: I think I found it on Reddit awhile back and I found it so cute I saved it on my desktop and it's been sitting there for weeks. It's the second photo that really gets me!! 

  • Song: Major #throwback with this one! In middle school, I literally ONLY listened to Fall Out Boy for months. I can sing along to all their songs from From Under The Cork Tree and Infinity On High to this day (although I can't match the song with their song title because of ho insanely long some of their titles are). I went to a Hokkaido food festival (my sushi photo is from there!) with a friend and he was telling me that all he was doing yesterday was listening throwback songs from middle school (ie. FOB, Panic! At the Disco, All American Rejects, etc). He played this song and it made me remember how good this song was and I've been playing it on repeat ever since!
          Side note: I found out Andy, the drummer of FOB was at my gym in Tokyo but I wasn't there when he was!! My friend got to take photos with him and I am still so salty about it
I got this photo from Google

  • Food: Banh Xeo (and Vietnamese food in general). After one awful workout at the gym I decided I'd cheer myself up with some Vietnamese food from my go-to Vietnamese restaurant in Shinjuku. From my gym it's quite the trip when you're hangry and tired and just want to go home and sleep, so when I somehow made it to the 9th floor of Mylord in Shinjuku station, ready to get some Banh Xeo in my belly, I find out the damn place is closed for good and a less appealing restaurant is taking its place. I was furious, heartbroken, and so very hungry. I settled for some pasta which I painfully regret ordering and my craving for Vietnamese food has yet to be satisfied. I went with a couple of friends to try out another Vietnamese place, but it wasn't as good as my Shinjuku favourite, so my hankering for some solid Vietnamese food continues. RIP Banh Xeo Saigon. I miss u 
    You can do so many cool things with eggs - get inspired by this video!(via Food, People, Places)
    Posted by Tastemade on Monday, 11 May 2015

  • Video: Someone on my Facebook feed shared this and I really connected with this video. I love eggs so much. Adding an egg to most things always turns out good: fried egg in a burger, poached egg on avocado toast, raw egg in sukiyaki... the list is endless. I added the embedded link I got from Facebook but I'm not sure if it worked out... all I can see is the title and caption, but not the video itself. We'll see how it goes when this gets posted. 

  • Random shit that only a Sabeezy would get into: this week at the gym I FINALLY developed the coordination to do a couple doubleunders (when you jump rope and the rope goes under you twice before your next jump). I had been working on it for weeks and I feel so accomplished. Every time I'm at the gym I warm up with about 7-10 mins of doubleunder practice and it's great.
I have a feeling this post got progressively worse in terms of writing and content and I'm sorry future Sabina and whoever else reads this for wasting your time. I should also really start standardising the photo sizes on my posts bc inconsistent photos piss me off!!! I just haven't figured out this blogging thing yet...

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