Matsuris And Dogs Are (Banh) Xeo Fun! (Part I)

It was quite the eventful weekend and a great last couple days before I have to start studying for midterms! Not only did I find out that that my favourite and recently closed Vietnamese restaurant I had grieved over a few days ago has a sister restaurant not too far away from me, I got to pet some dogs at the dog park in Yoyogi!

After finding about my go-to Vietnamese restaurant closing and letting everyone in my Instagram know about my disappointment, I moped all the way home and searched for their website because I demanded an explanation. I found out that the restaurant hasn't actually closed down but is relocating to another spot in Tokyo!! Yaasss. And, they had a similar restaurant in Yurakcho and so that's what I decided to have Sunday lunch there to finally curb my week-long Banh Xeo and avocado roll craving.

Banh Xeo is essentially a Vietnamese a crispy, savoury pancake with a batter made of rice flour, tumeric (which makes it yellow), and coconut cream, stuffed with a little pork, shrimp and a heap of beansprouts, then served with lettuce, cilantro, mint, and perilla. To eat it, you take a piece of the Banh Xeo and put it on a piece of lettuce along with the other greens and dip it in the sauce. It's actually easier said than done; it's a very messy food to eat!

The avocado spring rolls were bigger than the ones in the restaurant in Shinjuku; it had shrimp, scallop, cucumber, lettuce, and the MVP: avocado~~
 I know what you're thinking, "the Banh Xeo looks so big, how could you ever eat that AND still have room for avocado spring rolls too???" Well my friend, I've got a little more space in my pooch for extra cookies than the average person, so I guess you could say I'm #blessed.

 Link for the Banh Xeo restaurant whoever stumbles upon this blog and is curious.

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