Matsuris and Dogs Are (Banh) Xeo Fun! (Part II)

I decided to split my post into two parts because I felt like it was too long!

After lunch I headed to Yoyogi park to meet up with my friends and their cute dogs, Kita the Shiba Inu, Ponyo the Toy Poodle, and Peanut the Teacup Yorkie.

Rockabilly dancers in the Yoyogi Park entrance. I did a quick Google search of them and found out they've been performing on the same spot every Sunday for 20 years now.

This is Peanut's "I accidentally shit my bag" face, because shit his bag he did and his mama wasn't happy.

You need IDs to get into the gated dog park to make sure no dog-less randos try to get in and play with the dogs. They even have police that check in from time to time to match the dog with the owners! These were my friends' IDs so I was literally a dog-less rando in the dog park trying to play with the dogs. I guess you could say I like to live life on the edge.

 I don't think I've ever been to a park this big!!

Me third wheeling! After the dog park we popped by the Thai festival next door to see if we could get something to eat.

We crossed the bridge and found that the festival was PACKED and most of the food stalls had super long lines! People in Tokyo love lining up for things.

We had to pick up and carry the dogs as we swam through the sea of people because we didn't want them to get trampled on!!

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