2015: Checking Off The List

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to do something I've never actually done at year end, which is actually cross the goals I've achieved off the year's resolutions list.
(Oh yea, I'm back from the dead! As soon as the wave of midterm madness hit I was busy studying, taking care of my friends' dogs, Christmas shopping, then going home for the holidays and seeing my friends and fam. I am now currently blogging live from the Maldives! My yearly video montage will be posted soon.)

If you've been a long-time reader of mine, (shout out to Sebastian, my number one (and only) fan) you'll know I took the time to make a life plan, which consisted of lifetime goals, 10 year goals, 1 year goals, and 90 day action plan. While I totally failed to regularly update my action plans every 90 days, if I combine the two, one could say I got to cross a lot of the goals off my resolutions list.

There are two items I didn't get to check off in the 90 days action plan: "Practice sketching often" which wasn't even a measurable goal and destined for failure, and "Finish self-portrait and start Gabriel's painting" -- well, I have no excuse for this one, I just got lazy.

So here are my achieved goals: 

MAKE NEW FRIENDS LOSER (ideally ones that won't leave you)
Yes, 'tis true!! I've made friends in Tokyo! I started going to Crossfit regularly (another check off the ol' list!) and made good friends with a few people there. I've also met a couple people in my new dorm, gotten close to some people I already knew from university, and regularly hang out with people who moved to Tokyo from Manila as well. As far as I know they're all here for at least a few more years, so I've got friends for the long haul. My weekends now usually consist of social events (which usually involve gorging ourselves in food) as opposed to binge-watching TV shows on the internet-- which I admittedly miss sometimes.

Continue Crossfit and be good enough to use regular bar for lifting
I could go on and on about how Crossfit has improved my life in many aspects, but then my friends would stop talking to me. I've gotten much, much better in the past year-- I use the regular 15kg bar for most of my lifts now! Never in my life did I think that I, a regular benchwarmer in high school softball and an occasional right fielder in the bottom half of games (left field when the batter was left handed), would get into something as intensive as Crossfit. It's made me stronger and feel much better about myself (and less squishy)! I mean, I'm not very good; my endurance is nonexistent and my upper body strength is on par with a toddler's, and if we were put into teams I'd be first to get cut from JV, but I'm so excited to get back to Tokyo and keep improving. That feeling of accomplishment after a PR (personal record) is like crack.

Be less soft and squishy
This one wasn't a great goal because I didn't specify how I'd measure this.. But I did take some before and after photos from when I started watching what I ate and working out regularly and I think it's safe to say I am less soft and squishy. There are even some mornings where I wake up and see the faint hello of my baby abs!! When I lose a significant amount of weight and integrate better eating habits into my life, I might start a fitness Instagram just for self motivation and to track progress.

Go on at least two beach trips (& dive) 
I didn't get to dive, but I did go on more than two beach trips! Above is a photo of Megan, Derek, and I in Derek's beach house in Palawan over the summer. I had a short beach trip with some friends to Batangas and of course, I'm in the middle of this Maldivian adventure!

Be tan again
Thanks to my week-long stay at the beach, I've had lots of time to regain some colour on my (apparently) pale complexion. My hairstylist recently told my skin was fair, and I couldn't help but be slightly offended... Because of softball I was always that girl with the perpetual tan, and now I'm suddenly considered fair?? I've been baking myself under the sun since I stepped foot on the island, so fingers crossed I get some glow on me.

So.. as far as my official one year goals go I didn't get to cross a lot off the list, but I did make a decent dent, which I'm pretty proud of. I've never been so productive in my life, and I've learnt a lot in the past couple years and have even gained a new outlook. I used to have the millennial mindset that life owed me something when bad things happened to me. Well it was only in 2015 I realised that life owed me nothing-- I need to take what life throws at me and keep moving forward; because as someone told me, "you play the cards you're dealt."

Like I said earlier, I'm not sure if it's just me but at the end of the year, I'm already focused on what I need to change in the new year that I forget to look at what I've already changed in past year. Look at what you've already accomplished in 2015 and give yourself a pat on the back, it was a toughie! (At least for me.) Nevertheless, 2016 is the year I graduate university, so I can already tell I'm in for quite the ride.

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