My 5 Pet Peeves While Hanging Out

I'd like to think I've got a fairly high tolerance for people. It takes a lot for me to get mad at someone, and even when I do get mad I usually just don't talk to them until I cool off. It's mostly because I think that the situation doesn't call for anything so drastic, but honestly it's also partly because I'm non-confrontational by nature. Nevertheless, there are many things that still irk me enough to make me put it in a list and blog about it.

1. Being inconsiderately late
Now--I'm a Filipino, and I know "Filipino time" all too well and I'm guilty of following it myself. But to be so incredibly late that even a Filipino is annoyed, then you're probably super fucking late. I really am very lenient about this, I usually message the other person when I'm about to leave or when I've just left, so if meeting time is at 7 and you let me know that you'll be super late, even arriving at 8 won't faze me. 8:30 might be pushing it, but I'd get over it. But there's nothing more rage-inducing than ignoring my "about to leave!" and "on my way!" messages and waiting until I text, "I'm here!" to say that you're going to be late... and then being even later than your already delayed ETA will make me want to just go home and regret ever planning this whole thing with you. But this is just if it's just two of us, if there's a third person involved we could just bitch about your lateness while waiting for your tardy ass.

2. Incessant texting and/or video calling
What's the point of hanging out with me if you're gonna be texting another person anyway? Even worse, video calling?? Again, this is something I don't mind if we were more than 2 people in a group because I'd have another person to talk to. But if it's just me and you, it's just so RUDE. Checking your phone once in a while is fine, I usually do it while neither of us is talking, or if it's an important message I apologise and say I have to reply for a quick sec. But to have your eyes glued to your phone with little to no attention towards me while I'm looking and talking to you is another story. Which brings me to video calling. I've had this happen to me a couple of times, and I'm always in disbelief that people can be so disrespectful. I've had people have pull out their headphones and make video calls to other people while we were having dinner. I would have rather they'd excuse themselves out of the table to talk to whoever they needed to talk to right at that second, then to have a separate conversation right in front of me. And as someone whose relationship heavily relies on Skype, I know that video call can wait until after dinner. Or you know what? Just leave, I'd much rather have dinner by myself.

3. Interrupting the other person, even as a joke
I'm talking to someone or a group of people, getting into whatever story I'm telling, and suddenly someone excitedly (and rudely) chimes in, mid-sentence then everyone forgets about what I was talking about and we've moved on to whatever this asshole just interrupted me for. I don't mind this if after their breaking news they went, "sorry, you were saying?" But to just interrupt me and completely bypass my story and change topic is so rude. Oh my god and don't even get me started on people that do the same thing but on purpose. They just completely shut down whatever I was saying and say "SO ANYWAY-- haha! just kidding lol" You are all heathens.

4. Chewing with your mouth open
This is just something I personally dislike. I grew up taught to chew with my mouth closed, and I just don't like the sound or the look of people that chew with their mouths open. I don't need to see the food you're eating as it's being being chewed in your mouth and I definitely do not need to hear it.

5. The Christian Bales
Creds of this term goes to my friend AJ, used for people that bail on plans.. the flakers. Sometimes people have good reason to--even the regular flakers, but because they bail so often they just lose credibility. It's annoying that all the plans we ever make aren't solidified until you're actually there, but what's worse is if you make it seem like you're going up until the very last minute, then message me saying you won't go while I'm already AT the place. It's a waste of my time and energy. This is different from the 3 other pet peeves because it needs to be a sizeable group for me to not care. If it's a 3-people plan that you bail on, I'd still be pretty pissed, especially if our group only works as 3 people. The late-flaker combo is the worst of them all: the one that says they're late then when the time comes that they're considered hella late, they say they can't make it. WHY DO YOU EVEN BOTHER MAKING PLANS


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