Long Weekend Highlights

And no, none of it includes working out..... oops. Working out resumes tomorrow!!

Right before the weekend started, someone got a cake for her birthday and gave them out to the whole office, including the interns! That's me!! I'm especially excited because a couple weeks ago someone else got THREE cakes for her birthday but totally missed the intern table :( I tweeted a play-by-play (read left column then right column):


My dad bought a couple slabs of kobe beef and brought it to a restaurant to have it cooked by his chef friend. There was plenty of leftovers so the next day for brunch we had steak fried rice. 

I have so many potentially embarrassing photos of Teets; I can't wait 'till he grows up so I can embarrass him in front of his friends hehehe >:) This is Teets mooning me when I accidentally walked into the bathroom 

My nana bought me avocado ice cream from Milkyway and I cannot get enough of it. Avocado and ice cream are two of my favourite foods and together they are a dangerous pair!! The struggle to get my beach bod becomes a bigger one with a pint of this in my freezer.

I got to skype with my Gooby today!! =) Since he's working and I'm doing my internship, the only times I get to actually hear his voice is when he calls me to say good night for a minute before I sleep and he's at work. Or if we're lucky, 10 minutes to talk right before my dinner and when he wakes up to go to work or vice versa. Since I had a long weekend I woke up on my work alarm and talked to him until lunch :) We watched The Fault in Our Stars! It was a good one!

My friend Santi invited me and the other guys to his beach house. There was so much good food and he took us out on his family's boat! I put on sunblock but I still got super burnt. 




I went home from the beach early so I got to have dinner with my fam. We went to Singapore Food Republic (it was on my list of places to eat before I left for Tokyo) and finally got Roti Prata, something I've been craving for since I was in Tokyo!
Making banana bread was definitely a highlight =) 

After reading about it in a blog then raving about it to my family for a couple days, we finally tried out Gino's brick oven pizza in Salcedo Village. Slightly disappointed but it was probably because we didn't get the best seller pizza. The burrata was the best thing in the menu IMO. I was gonna put all the photos I took of the restaurant here but I think I'l make a separate post there are quite a few photos! 

So all in all a great long weekend with the fam and friends and gooby =) Lots of food, lots of sun, and lotsa love!! 

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