Noteworthy Eats

Some food I've been meaning to blog about but didn't know how to bring them up. Eventually, the photos started adding up and now I have enough to make a post about them! 

Milo Dinosaur from Singapore Food Republic the first time I saw a milo dinosaur was on someone's mobile uploads forever ago and it was from Toastbox. I never got around to going to Toastbox but I saw it on the SFR's menu and I decided to finally try it out. Extra Milo powder on top of milo milk is one of the best drinks ever. 

Shrimp Mayo Sandwich with Alfalfa Sprouts by my mama Bee(z knees) =) She makes yummy brunches all the time. 

Alfajores The perks of having a baker nana is being her guinea pig!


 Avocado Mango smoothie sweetened with muscovado sugar. I had it for breakfast for two consecutive days. So so delicious and equally as healthy! 

Langka (Jackfruit) My nana likes freezing them which is super yummy as well but since we got the fruit today we ate it fresh, which I prefer more. 

I forgot what these were called but they were supposed to be mini pizzas from Gino's. They tasted more like mini tacos. Would order again 


Nutella Soup This was the most interesting thing I've eaten (that's why i needed three pics :p )because it's nothing I've heard of before. I only had a couple bites (mostly because I was saving up some kcals for the avocado ice cream waiting for me at home!) but I think if I wasn't a tub of lard I could totally finish this. The chewy dough and the warm nutella--which seemed like it watered down with milk to make it soupy--was a good/dangerous combo, but I've definitely have had better desserts (i.e. avocado ice cream). 


Special shout out to cheese ramen from 太陽のトマオ, both Yotsuya & Shinjuku: you are definitely at the top noteworthy eats of ma life~


Also, I found out that today was #NationalDogDay and it reminded me of a cute photo I found on the internet that reminded me of an even cuter photo I took myself. So a super special shout out to my marshmallo poopie breath puppybear you are the apple of my eye I love you and I miss you so so much I can't wait to hug you one day (and I'm not talking about the dog ;) ) 

Hug your dogs and your puppy-like lovers today~ 

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