My New Home

I finally caved and moved to Blogger. The more time I spent on Bloglovin' at work, the more frustrated I was that I couldn't link my Tumblr to it. So here I am. I've tried to import all my stuff from Tumblr to Blogspot but it's either not dumb or I'm really that dumb with technology. :( 
I'm manually transferring the posts which is a little tedious but I do like going through my old posts and reminiscing so it isn't too bad. What's really pissing me off right now is figuring out how to make my site look pretty!!! I was promised an easy time changing the layout but I've discovered that it requires a lot of googling for help (or maybe I'm really picky). 

So here's my work in progress ~ 

UPDATE: My blog is officially on Bloglovin!! Yay! I have a lot to do to the layout but all my posts are up!!

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