The BEA Sandwich

I don't usually like BLTs because I'm not a big fan of raw T (except in some salsas). So instead I have the BL with some E and A. But when I made some for dinner a couple nights ago, I forgot to buy lettuce so I ended up with a BEA. 

Bacon, Egg, Avocado; which IMO would have been better than a BLT, if it had some L. 

I slathered some Japanese mayonnaise (my parents don't like regular mayo for some reason) and a little dijon mustard onto toasted whole wheat bread, stacked avocado slices, bacon, and an egg together. It was good, it just needed something crunchy/leafy to balance the soft avocado and egg and fatty bacon; so I dun goofed in that department. But all in all I 10/10 recommend this sandwich. 

On another note, here are mini Strawberry Shortcakes I gave my bosses on my last day of work! They were in a meeting in the afternoon so I asked the guard to let them know about the cakes and left them in the freezer for them tomorrow. Hopefully he remembers to remind them! 

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