The BLEA Part II

So I've been getting a lot requests lately about how I assemble my sandwich. Lol I'm totally kidding I probably have one reader and that's my boyfriend because IDK for some reason he finds me interesting ...? 

Anyway, here's a pointless post on how I assemble the BLEA because you need to put everything in the right order or bad things will happen like the avocados might slip out of the sandwich and that would be terrible. 
First of all, here's what's in the BLEA (in order):

Half an Avocado

I put the avocados first because they slip out when you bite, but Sabina logic tells me that if it's in the bottom where the surface is still flat, not only can you fit more avocado on it, they won't won't slip out when you bite!

Then I add the bacon; only because putting lettuce at this point would be redundant colour-wise. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Sabina logic. OH and I can't put the lettuce next becauuuauauauausee...

... the lettuce's ridges catches the egg yolk and keeps it in the sandwich!! So it needs to be under the egg.

Then the egg goes on last! (then the top piece)

And there ya have it! =) 

Also, I'd like to wish my baby brother Teets a Happy Birthday!! My baby bunny is 6 years old!!!!

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