45 Second Ice Cream-turned-Smoothie

Just a few days ago I decided to give up on my blog because I'm a lazy bum so I wasn't planning on making a post. But tonight for dinner I made a super delicious strawberry and raspberry smoothie by accident and got so excited I told myself it needed to be documented. 

I just got home from a long weekend trip with my family to an onsen a couple hours away from Tokyo. I like when my family visits because I don't have to worry about what I should eat for each meal. This didn't last long though because I'm back in my dorm now and just an hour ago I couldn't decide if I wanted to: a) go to the grocery to grab food to cook for dinner b) grab a bento from ministop c) finally eat the cup noodle ramen I made at the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum a couple weeks ago. I ended up not doing any of that and instead grabbed some frozen strawberries and raspberries from my freezer, threw them in a blender with some honey and low fat yoghurt (healthy life inc????) to make Jamie Oliver's 45 second ice cream that I watched a few months back. 

I ended up putting too a little much yoghurt (I had made this once before and I did the same thing!) and it turned into a smoothie which I didn't mind! I decided to add a little bit of chia seeds at the end for a little crunch! ....That's actually a lie I added them for no reason I can think of but because yolo? At first it was too thick to drink through a straw so I had to use a spoon!

In other news, last night I got to stay an extra night at the hotel my parents were staying at so I did a little shopping in the area and bought a panda onesie and other boring stuff.

After that I got to soak in the tub, the one thing I look forward to the most when I'm in a hotel. 

And that's my update for now! :P I've actually had a bunch of adventures in the past month but because I've been really busy with school and other stuff (hahahahahahha) I didn't have time to blog about it :D Bye for now

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