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Hello friend! I'm still alive and (semi) determined to keep this blog going!

A lot's been going since I made the accidental smoothie; I've been working on a bunch of group projects, started going to the gym (finally), went home for the holidays where I met up with my friends who I missed so much and went to my family's beach house where I finally got a much needed tan! 
I flew back to Tokyo on Sunday and now I'm swamped with more work than when I left because I had underestimated the internet capabilities of the middle of nowhere, which is where our beach house is located. 
There's probably too much to catch up on from the last time I posted, especially considering that there was about a month-long interval in between my smoothie post and the post before it. It would take pages and pages of my horrible writing about my life thus far, so instead I'm just gonna not... do..it. BUT I did make a short video about my trip to the beach! Check it 

Since it's the New Year, I thought I would start by listing some resolutions but honestly I haven't really had the time to sit down and think about what I want to accomplish before the year end. So that list is still tbd and will hopefully be on my next post. Instead, here's some things I learnt from 2014 (that I can think of right now. 2014 was chock full of lessons): 

Be happy always. but 2014 threw some pretty solid curveballs my way and challenged me mentally, emotionally, and physically. They were pretty rough times and at first I took it really badly but I think this one conversation with my cousin made me realise being negative and mad at the people I love only makes things worse. Instead, just focus on the stuff that will benefit you and make you happier! I sound like a weird life coach I'm kind of embarrassed. But like in my case, I made my first ever résumé this year (which looked like a piece of poo at first but also thank god for my boyfriend because without him my resume wouldn't exist or at least as decent as it is now) and even got an internship last summer! I'm currently applying for another internship in the Spring and planning to apply to one in the summer =) Yay adulthood!

Limit the time you spend with the people that bring you down. (or cut them out completely). This year, I completely cut out two people in my life because they were nothing but poison. Let's call them N & Z. N was really close to me and when life was getting rough she was helping me out and I would always run to her whenever I needed to talk; until one day she just completely stopped talking to me. I wondered why she had stopped replying to my messages but didn't want to bother her any more than I already did because she was also always busy with school, so I waited a couple days. Then I stumbled upon a rant that her close friend, Z (she was my close friend too but we just drifted apart), posted on Tumblr that was obviously written about me and how she hated how SOMEONE (me) was using and "abusing" her best friend, N, as a personal therapist to dump all her problems when she had a "full plate" herself.  First of all, seriously..LOL. I didn't know we were still in middle school where we couldn't confront each other and instead talked about it in our blog. Grow up. Second of all, I thought it was established that friends that were as close as we were could come to each other when either of us needed to talk; I never ever said I was too busy to listen to her problems. Anyway, long story short, I asked both what was wrong, if it was about me, and what I could do to not lose a really good friend bla bla bla, and got a reply about week later from the Z (NOT N!!!) and it started with "I'm speaking on behalf of N as well" and continued on with how they have decided "they" were happy with out me in their lives. I never heard from N at any point and though I lost a good friend that day, I guess it was for the best because I found that she and her friend were both pathetic cowards who needed a blog and a representative to confront me. Neither would have made good, lasting friends. Good riddance, really.
One of the last times I hung out with N/the last time I heard from her

Keep in touch. From that experience I realised how it easy it is to lose touch with friends; a lot of my closest friends live miles and miles away from me so I like to message them from time to time to catch up! 

Bike. In Manila it's a little scary biking around a lot of places because of all those horror stories of girls getting kidnapped and raped from people in a van. But in Tokyo, biking is so great. I talked about this before but if you live in a place where you can bike, do it! It's fun, faster than walking, and you burn calories! Wins! 

Eat good food. Like good wholesome food but also yummy fatty sinful food is ok only sometimes!!! I'm bad at following this because I love ice cream and cookies and burgers and pizza and all that fatty stuff and my cravings are so intense. But I've gained a tonne of weight because of it so this year I need to get back at it! This is definitely in my resolutions this year. 

But balance out eating with working out. Or else you turn into a tub of lard like what happened to me. I joined a Crossfit gym recently and I'm terrible at it but it's been fun so far!

Get off your ass and get shit done!!! This I think is the most important thing I learnt this year! I used to whine about many things but did not do anything about it. But I got a super pep talk from Sebastian one day when the whining was just too much and he told me this. Almost exactly word for word. Tough love. BUT then, like I said earlier, I did get my shit together and got an internship and basically have a rough plan for my last couple years in college! I don't want to say the details because I don't want to jinx anything but I can tell ya it's full of career-building funsies~

This is basically what our conversation looked like

And that's my 2014 summed up in life lessons! I was gonna add a last one that said "Treat yoself" but I know how to do that aaaall too well and it might even be something I should do a lot less. Case in point, like I said before, I'm a tub of lard. 

Pet a dog today or if you can't google photos of puppies!!! 

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